Tips and Tricks

Okay, that's enough hugging. Now for the ultimate list of life hacks to make that money stretch. Here we will talk about how to save money on things you buy all the time, what you can cut back on without noticing, and what to stop paying for all together.

Save on the usual:

SALES. Sales will be your best friend (besides Kredit, obvs). Why buy your favorite pair of jeans for $75 when you can wait 3 weeks and they'll be on sale for 40% off? Quick, do the math: what is 40% off of $75? You will save $30! That's like, 3 pizza nights, 3 movies, or a full tank of gas. Dude, you're awesome. The key to saving with sales? Patience, my young grasshopper. No really, patience. You just gotta wait. Keep an eye out for sales from your favorite stores and stuff you usually buy.

It pays to be loyal:

Sign up for email notifications or download the app for your favorite places to shop. Punch cards are a thing of the past, but most places continue their reward programs electronically using apps or phone numbers. Sometimes you'll get an exclusive discount, BOGO deals, or perks for being members of their rewards program. It doesn't cost you anything (other than a few extra notifications) and you can save money on things you normally buy. Our tip: don't sign up for anything you wouldn't want to see anyways. Those emails can add up and get super annoying.

No brand, no prob:

Buy the generic brand of items when it is possible. It can be so much cheaper and sometimes it is exactly the same product, just labeled differently. When you spend $9 for the fancy bottled water verses $2 for the random store brand, you are making a bad choice. Rethink your life decisions right now. Figure out the cheapest gas station along your normal route and make sure to stop there when you're running on E instead of rolling into the closest one. Buy the same stuff, just do it cheaper.

Scale Back:

We get it. You're always hungry. You can eat the XL burrito AND two tacos AND a bowl of chips and salsa. But really, do you need all that? Scale back before you spend money. For food, don't go for the larger sizes when you can just refill. Decide how hungry you really are and how much you actually need because you probably don't need all that food (your tummy and your wallet will thank you)! Sure, to size up it is only an extra buck. But an extra buck every single time you eat out adds up! Going to the movies? Get the popcorn, skip the candy. Same thing applies with clothing and longer-lasting purchases. You kind of like those headphones, but you don't love them. Don't buy them! If you keep thinking about them, and decide it is worth it, then that is a green light. (You might even find them cheaper somewhere else!) If you don't really keep thinking about them, or you're still not convinced it's a great purchase, skip it and keep looking for something better. Only let go of your money for things that are really worth it.

Drop it like it's hot:

There are probably things you're paying for that you should not be paying for. Like a rando music subscription service that you don't use. (Or that you do use but don't even like that much.) Or that free trial you forgot to cancel and is now charging your card $13 a month. Get rid of that ish. You will not even notice that it's gone and you'll be so glad for the extra change every month.

Phew! We know that was a lot of information. Let's review real quick.

Put money into your savings first. Savings save your a$$ when in a jam or when a big purchase comes up. Huh. Maybe that's why it's called savings. Don't spend more money than you have. It will never work, just trust us. Find ways to pay less for the same things. Buy less. Get rid of money drains and wasters.

Okay? Okay! You got this! You are basically a financial guru now. You know how to be smart about spending your money so you get the best bang for your buck.

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